Welcome to Cattery La Belleza Ragdolls

Specialized in Lilac

My name is Anne and together with my husband Daniel and our sons Nicholas and Angelo we live in the green Belsele, near Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, in an oasis of peace and respect for nature.

Our Ragdolls are part of our family, they are being cuddled like babies. Hygene and care are a priority for us.

I'm a passionated amateur breeder. From time to time we have a litter of kittens. Only the most beautiful (and tested) Ragdolls with the best show history are chosen to give the Ragdolls race a nice contribution.
All our ragdolls that we use for breeding are being tested yearly for HCM, PKD via ultrasound, CIN, FELV and FIV via bloodtests. All our ragdolls are also dna tested for HCM & PKD.